Takeaway menu

Market Catch

All of our fish is sustainably sourced from UK day boats

14The Fish & Chipschoice of peas, tartare sauce, walli
9KFC (Korean fried chunks)White fish chunks, gochujang, honey, sesame
12Johnny burgerJerk white fish, Johnny cakes, kale slaw
8Smoked mackerel scotch eggPickled Cacklebean egg
8Cockle PopcornBattered cockles, Kombucha vinegar, smoked salt


2.5ChipsLovells potatoes
5PoutineChips, cheese curds & gravy
2.5Ghost chipChips, naga (ghost) chili seasoning (HOT)
4OTH chipSmoked large chips, Togarashi, Okono sauce
11Crab on chipsDevon hand picked crab piled on our chips
5Cav on chipsTrout roe on our chips
3Truffle chipsTruffle oil and sea salt on our chips
3Garlic butter chipsConfit garlic & herb butter drenched over our chips
3Curry chipsGolden curry drenched over our chips
2.5Wasabi chipsOur chips covered in wasabi powder


5Onion RingsGuinness battered onion rings, smoked mayo
6Blooming onionWhole deep fried onion, sour cream
6Deep fried pickled onionsOur own Kombu pickled onions, battered
7.5KFC (Korean Fried Cauliflower)Buttermilk cured cauliflower, Gochujang,
Honey, Sesame


2Mushy PeasPureed marrowfat peas
3Pea PureeGarden peas, mint
3FimchiOff the Hook’s own recipe, Smoked fennel, fermented into kimchi
3.5KimchiOff the Hooks own recipe, Chinese cabbage, fermented into kimchi
2WalliPickled cucumber gherkin
1CackleLightly pickled Cacklebean egg
0.5Tartar sauceOff the Hook’s tartar sauce

If you have any dietary requirements please let us know before ordering. Our food is freshly prepared
in a small busy kitchen so we cannot guarantee that any of our food is 100% allergen-free