Restaurant menu

Off The Hook
Squid ink Negroni 5Porto Tonico 8Manzilla 8
Sourdough bread and butter4Shallot vinegar2.5
Edamame4Oyster shot6
Nocellara olives4
Devilled eggs, prawns4
Smoked mackerel pate with sourdough crisps7
Smoked prawn & Gentlemen’s Relish8
Scallop ceviche with apple8
Trout, beetroot cured7
Dry aged sea bass crudo8
Kipper hot dog8
Lobster roll16
Torched mackerel, smoked eel salad8
Devon crab claw vindaloo8
Skate wing, beurre noisette16
Smoked Trout poke12
Crab agnolot15
Lobster mac n cheese14
Hot smoked salmon penne14
Romaine hearts7
Dressed garden salad6
New potatoes4
Green beans, sourdough crumb4
Fried banana with chocolate granita5
Strawberry, elderflower yoghurt mousse, meringue6