Restaurant menu

OYSTERS, A choice of either River teign oysters, picked by Matt from Devon or the Cooley Gold oysters, handpicked by the Fergusson family. Choose one, six or twelve

Shallot vinegarshallot vinegar, Tobasco, lemon2.5/12.5/25
KilpatrickWorcester sauce, Tobasco, crispy pancetta, butter, parmesan3 / 18 / 36
Oyster shotsquid ink gin6
Bread and Seaweed ButterWapping sourdough bread, salted seaweed butter4
EdamamePod edamame, salt/chilli/Ghost4
Smoked Mackerel Sausage RollJackson’s smoked mackerel, puff pastry6
Langoustinessteamed creel caught langoustines, kimchi mayo8
Cockle popcornDorset cockles, kombucha vinegar, smoked salt8
Fish and ChipsDay boat fish, mushy peas, tartare sauce, walli14
Salmon niçoisePoached 14 day dry aged Loch duart salmon salad, cherry tomatoes, potatoes, bean, pickled egg10
Flatsu curryPanko flounder, rice, baby gem, edamame, katsu curry, ginger, wakame12
KFCKorean Fried Chunks, Day boat white fish chunks, gochujang, honey, sesame9
Salmon Poke14 day dry aged Loch Duart salmon, rice, trout roe, macadamia, ponzu, avocado,
edamame, sesame seed, chive, pickled radish
Loaded chips:
PoutineKappacasein fryer cheese curds, gravy5
Naga ghost chilli seasoning2.5
Truffle oil & sea salt3
Confit garlic and herb butter3
Golden curry sauce3
Devon crab12
New potatoesTenderten Farm new potatoes, garlic butter5
Green BeansPreserved lemon and vanilla dressing4
Onion ringsGuinness battered onion ring5
KimchiFermented Chinese cabbage or smoked fennel3.5

If you have any dietary requirements please let us know before ordering. Our food is freshly prepared
in a small busy kitchen so we cannot guarantee that any of our food is 100% allergen free